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ELCA Reject European Legislation

ELCA Reject European Legislation

neil huck

Neil Huck at the European Parliament speaking on behalf of ELCA

Neil Huck, National Training Manager for Ground Control and European Landscape Contractors Association (ELCA) Vice- President, recently flew to Brussels to voice opinion on the possibility of the European Council implementing legislation to manage and identify invasive species.

ELCA favoured a regional strategy with regards to the prohibition of invasive species as opposed to an approach targeting Europe as a whole. Speaking at the European Parliament, Neil Huck had this to say;

“In principle we welcome the EU suggestion for a directive regarding “invasive species”, since damage due to these invaders has ecological as well as economic effects that must not be underestimated.”

Neil continued to express his “doubt” that invasive foreign species could be maintained using a list of the 50 most dangerous species as a template to tackle Europe as a whole;

“The spread and competitive power of invasive species in Europe depends on the conditions on the respective sites in various climate zones and is therefore very different.”

Neil advises the staff at Ground Control on how to manage these invasive species which are not only economically detrimental through structural damage but also ecologically. Neil is developing a range of templates and training programs for the management of these species.