The latest updates from Ground Control.

The latest updates from Ground Control.

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Driving Health & Safety forward with Berkeley Group

Driving Health & Safety forward with Berkeley Group

2015-02-14 12.01.22Mark Curry, Ground Control’s National HSQE Compliance Manager, recently attended Berkeley Homes East Thames (BHET) Supply Chain Health & Safety Advisors Forum at Kidbrooke Village.

Working in partnership at Kidbrooke, Ground Control aims to develop an outstanding landscape environment to help Berkeley Homes reach their visions of creating successful, sustainable and high quality places to live. With core values addressing integrity, passion, respect and excellence, Berkeley’s world-class approach to business is set to cover all aspects of the project success – including supply chain engagement.

Berkeley Homes invite suppliers to discuss the management of health & safety on site. Delivering the forum was Berkley’s Safety Group Executive Barry Oliver providing company update, Head of Safety Graham Ramsdale, and Senior Health and Safety Manager, Robin Metheringham, who explained their confidence in Berkeley’s onsite safety and inspections following two great slogans that ensure ‘good work’ and ‘good order’:

Before you start, PLAN IT, THINK IT, then do it.


Recognising the need for a greater focus on occupational health, Robin invited attendees to discuss methods of improvement within each of their companies to share and expand on ways to reduce site risks.

Mark Curry was able to outline the various programmes Ground Control is undertaking and has been invited to present a session at the next Safety Forum covering Injury Avoidance Programme (I.A.P). Mark also spoke about Ground Control’s drug and alcohol policy, raising the awareness that drugs and alcohol do not mix at work, i.e. random testing on out sites, in addition to the ongoing battle with respiratory health and his ability to complete Face Fit Testing. Mark was able to offer his assistance with this to fill gaps in other contractor’s safety programmes and reiterate the importance of one’s health being at the top of Ground Control’s agenda:

“I cannot stress enough how important is it to be aware of our health and safety. It goes as part of an on-going campaign at Ground Control, to ensure everyone is focuses along with adopting a questioning attitude to all that we do and making safety personal at all times on site. It’s great to come together with others in the supply chain to make our sites safer. The day went really well.”

Senior European Technical Specialist of 3M Personal Safety Division, Mohummed Saleem, delivered presentations covering hearing loss, the early stages, key states and preventative measure types. Mohammed explained training on hearing conservation, and an E learning programme offering an easily accessible online platform with training split into 4 modules.

The Berkeley Group have introduced a new point-of-work Risk Assessment booklet, where they have issued small notepads to all contractors to complete prior to work, considering risks that are not otherwise detailed in the generic assessments. Much like Ground Control’s daily risk assessment process, the aim is to reduce the significant risks/hazards by putting suitable controls in place prior to any work starting, further promoting health and safety awareness to operatives and avoiding complacency setting in.

To encourage fresh ideas to reduce construction related risks, Berkeley Homes have set a new innovation fund of £2million to be spent on bright ideas to drive the industry forward and improve health and safety performance. The fund encourages applicants at any monetary value up to £250k for each proposal; inviting Supply Chain, Berkeley staff, industrial bodies and educational establishments to apply. Visit