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Construction Completed at Winnersh Dementia Care Home

Construction Completed at Winnersh Dementia Care Home

Ground Control complete landscape constructionGround Control recently completed works at Winnersh Dementia Care Home alongside RHS award-winning designer, Rae Wilkinson.

Valued initially at £29k, Ground Control effectively repriced the works due to changes in the specification, adding £60k of variations to total c. £90k. Construction commenced on 9th February, with completion on 21st April after an 8 week period on site.

As part of the exciting project, Ground Control worked alongside Rae Wilkinson, an RHS award-winning designer who was enlisted by the end client, Abbeyfield, to up-spec the planting and various elements. Many of the elements installed are set to be used in Abbeyfield’s RHS Hampton Court Flower Show garden this summer, also designed by Rae for older people with dementia, their carers and visitors.

The garden, which has 4 internal courtyards, was designed based on the elements; Earth, Water, Fire, Air, to engage the future residents suffering with dementia. For the internal courtyards, Ground Control installed planters, boulders, pebbles and semi-mature multi-stemmed trees.

In the external areas we installed a playground with rubber safety surfacing, various benches, an orchard, timber raised planters for fruit and vegetable planting, evergreen and herbaceous planting, and prepared and seeded large areas of wildflower.

Challenges included lack of external access to the 4 internal courtyards, requiring large items to be craned in and the smaller items carried through the building. The scope of the project changed a lot from when we won the contract, resulting in a lot of pressure to re price works and get approved to commence on site whilst being mindful of the clients programme and required completion date.

Ground Control’s Construction Manager, Matt Hallam, who managed the project, commented, “It was a very exciting project to say the least, with some challenges that really demonstrated the team coming together to deliver a fantastic service to our client. Well done to all.”

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