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The latest updates from Ground Control.

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Climbing to safety

Climbing to safety

DSC07401Ground Control, UKPN and Red Stag Training recently teamed up at our bi-annual Safety Day to remind our operatives of the dangers and safety requirements when working in the Arb Utility industry.

After a series of plant related incidents, attendees were informed on the effects and removal methods of invasive and injurious species by Neil Huck, Ground Control National Training Manager. Andrea Gannon, Ground Control’s Ecologist, was also on hand to ensure those in attendance were informed on the importance of working around badger setts and how to avoid disturbing their habitats.

Many of the attendees were experienced and trained in their respective roles, however, it can be difficult to keep up with the various training schemes and qualifications required to operate as a Utility Arborist. Red Stag Training’s Rik Fox, reminded members of the procedures and training schemes required when working in the Utilities industry.

Will Maycock of Red Stag Training, then spoke of the knowledge required to carry out works in such a dangerous profession. Will focussed specifically on the causes behind Flash Overs and the process of generating electricity. With a greater knowledge of the industry our operatives will be better equipped to deal with such incidents and even prevent them from occurring.

Lastly, the day also involved a practical element as Kevin Muttit, also of Red Stag Training, took our teams through the ropes of conducting an emergency rescue. Practice makes perfect and every second counts, so it is essential that we are well prepared at all times to deal with any possibility. Kevin ended his presentation by encouraging all teams to carry out emergency rescue drills to ensure each member is aware of their role should an incident occur.

The safety of our people is the number one priority when working in any industry. No job is so important that it cannot be completed safely, which is why these events are so important to our industry.


Various pieces of equipment were on display at the event which included Kevin Muttit’s live demonstration of an emergency rescue.