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Avoiding injuries at the workplace

Avoiding injuries at the workplace

mark vinciOur National HSQE Compliance Manager, Mark Curry, recently took part in the Vinci Safety Supplier Day. In what was an engaging and captivating presentation, Mark took the audience through his Injury Avoidance Program (IAP), receiving excellent praise following his involvement.

The IAP is designed to prepare you for physical activity to ensure you do not endure injuries at work due to a lack of preparation. The process involves taking the muscles through the full range of movements prior to starting work.

The importance of preparing your body before conducting physical work cannot be overlooked. Stretching the body fully prior to activity is the only way of ensuring you stay injury free when conducting physical works.

The IAP is a way of warming up your core muscles and mobilising the joints. The exercise is used to prepare the muscles for work, improve your flexibility, realign muscle fibres, promote circulation and assist in the removal of lactic acid.

Following the event, Gary Dunn, Divisional Director, personally wrote in to thank Mark for his presentation stating that it was both educational and motivational;

“I am writing to personally thank you for participating at our Annual Supplier Safety Conference. The program was very thought provoking and whilst we all found it fun to join in, you motivated and educated your audience with this very simple but practical approach to the way we all go about our daily activities.”

Download the Injury Avoidance Programme.


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