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The latest updates from Ground Control.

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4.5 Tonnes of Waste cleared from Priors Estate

4.5 Tonnes of Waste cleared from Priors Estate

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Working together with our community to help improve our environment

Shaun Field and other members of Ground Control’s maintenance team helped to remove over 4.5 tonnes of waste at the recent Pride on Priors event. Working alongside Havebury Housing and St Edmundsbury Borough Council, we were able to play our part in an estate clean-up project, creating a safer and cleaner environment for residents.

A number of the Havebury Housing residents have been unable to remove large segments of waste due to physical or financial restrictions, which is where Ground Control was able to assist.

Shaun Field, Regional Contracts Manager, and members of the Ground Control maintenance team helped to remove the items residents were unable to rid themselves. After four hours and five full vans of waste, the Ground Control team was able to leave the area in a safer condition for residents.

The Priors estate has been affected by a large amount of fly tipping in recent months and the housing association spent time talking directly to residents, providing information on the waste management solutions available to them. Meanwhile, members of St Edmundsbury Borough Council were also on hand to inform residents on environmentally friendly waste management solutions and the consequences of future fly tipping offenders.

Ground Control is always looking for new ways to personify our motto of “caring for our environment” and this was yet another example of going the extra mile for our client and our surroundings.

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Ground Control’s maintenance team help clear waste from the Priors estate (top). While Regional Contract Manager, Shaun Field (third from right), is joined by members of Havebury Housing and St Edmundsbury Borough Council (bottom).