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Alfredus – Grounds Maintenance Operative

The prospect of completing projects and providing exceptional service while knowing I will be well rewarded for my efforts provides my motivation. Knowing the harder I work the more my family will benefit ensures I work to the best of my abilities every day.

In the summer a great deal of extra works are undertaken which can mean early starts and working over the weekend. This extra work is not only positive in terms of financial rewards but also in terms of my personal health. I have spent more time outdoors, in the countryside and exploring various parts of the UK than I would have in any other profession.

I am often involved in planting shrubs and trees while also providing follow up maintenance works. I recently supervised a planting and maintenance project and was blessed with an incredible feeling of accomplishment to see my team’s work blossom into a beautiful planting scheme on a previously bare location.

One of the most exciting prospects of my job is that every day is different from the last. One day I could be spending a day mowing a lawn on the side of a river bank on a warm summer’s day and the next I will be working on tree maintenance projects in the middle of a forest. This job is far from monotonous and it is this aspect that keeps me looking forward to every new challenge.

I know I get out what I put in, so the harder I work alongside my teams the more able I am to provide for my family.

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Award Winning
The Queen's Awards For Enterprise: Innovation 2016
Multi BALI Award Winners for Maintenance and Landscape Construction
Gold Supplier Award 2010 (silver since 2001)
Gold Medal Award Winners for 6 consecutive golds