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Sean Stanley- Arb Utility Contract Delivery Manager

Knowing I am able to deliver an exceptional service that ensures the safety of our clients, public and workers is what really motivates me.  I love the work that I do, specifically through being able to directly meet and help those people who are in need of vegetation management to prevent loss of power who would otherwise be unaware.

However, there are a number of challenging aspects to my work such as starting the day at 6am and often not returning home until 8pm. Although the days are long and the work is relentless, there is a real feeling of satisfaction at the end of every day.

There are situations that do not pan out as smoothly as hoped; this is often the case when landowners do not want their vegetation to be cut despite the detrimental effects they may be causing to essential power lines. This is a major issue as we do our utmost to respect our customer wishes but also need to abide by health and safety regulations. Therefore, in order to persuade those less inclined to permit works I draw on my considerable tree management knowledge and experience to highlight the damaging consequences, while delivering this information using the highest standards of customer service.

There is no better feeling than knowing you have been able to complete a job on time, on budget and in a safe manner. Being able to actively make a difference in the lives of our clients allows me to sleep soundly at night and wake up in anticipation the next day.


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Award Winning
The Queen's Awards For Enterprise: Innovation 2016
Multi BALI Award Winners for Maintenance and Landscape Construction
Gold Supplier Award 2010 (silver since 2001)
Gold Medal Award Winners for 6 consecutive golds