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James Hanna – Contracts Manager Arb Rail

The anticipation of not knowing what each day is going to bring is what keeps me excited and looking forward to each day at work. In the rail industry you are often dealing with a 24 hour service meaning you never know what is lying around the corner so my most valuable quality is being able to react to each job as it arises.

Each challenge is different from the last meaning you can never be standing still or you will fail to overcome the next obstacle. To be available for each client at any hour of the day is an exceptional thrill, while nothing can beat the feeling of knowing you have been able to complete a job safely and efficiently.

The reality of my job is that it is 24 hours a day.  You need to be available for multiple clients, especially within the transport industry where a single incident can lead to a backlog of delays across a whole network. The role is extremely reactive and very much the opposite of planned grounds maintenance work.  Clients here expect instantaneous responses with fast results to ensure minimal disruption to track lines.

Despite it being an endless task to ensure the smooth operation of multiple client tracks and access routes, I know I am making a difference for thousands of people commuting each day. Additionally, you can complete multiple jobs for a single client and each one is as satisfying as the last because you are able to build a lasting and trusting relationship indicating that they not only believe in your service but also rely on it.

We don’t just offer superior service to our customers – we prove it! How much time and money is exhausted managing and monitoring your maintenance contractor?

TotalView provides property and maintenance managers with unprecedented operational visibility.

Award Winning
The Queen's Awards For Enterprise: Innovation 2016
Multi BALI Award Winners for Maintenance and Landscape Construction
Gold Supplier Award 2010 (silver since 2001)
Gold Medal Award Winners for 6 consecutive golds