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"Award winning commercial landscapers since 1973"

Renewable Energy

We aim to reduce our electricity consumption through:-

a) Basic good management practices:-

  • Switch off lights / heaters / computers when not in use
  • Replace electrical appliances with energy efficient models
  • Use energy efficient lighting
  • Check / insulate property / building

b) Our Head Office electricity supplier, OPUS Energy.

OPUS Energy provides electricity from sustainable sources e.g. solar and wind. In 2015, a solar panel array was fitted to our Billericay office providing power to the building with any surplus going to the grid.

Ground Control Solar Panelswind-turbine







OPUS Energy also procures electricity from wind turbines. Our Chief Executive, Simon Morrish, set up a company called Solar Ventus to provide wind turbines from planning to installation across the UK. Overall, the company produces approx. 13.6 GWh per year… the equivalent of 1,671 tonnes of coal.

(Note:-  Amount: 1 gigawatt hour (GWh) of energy, Equals: 122.92 tonnes of coal equivalent (TCE) in energy). Ground Control produced 1,928 tonnes of carbon (petrol/diesel All Star Report 2015)


Solar Ventus own and operate a range of renewable energy generators across the UK consisting of solar PV systems up to 50kW in size and wind turbines ranging from 5kW up to 500kW. The total installed capacity of all the generators is 4.8MW with an annual generation of 13,616MWh of electricity. This equals a saving of 6,243 tonnes of CO2 every year. Electricity exported from the generators is sold to OPUS Energy, who supply electricity that is 90% from renewable sources.

Contact: Jonathan Colverson | 07787 393251

Reduced Energy Consumption

FORS bronze logo 2Ground Control is FORS Bronze accredited. Our Fleet Policy focuses on the procurement of low energy consuming vehicles, e.g. hybrids, electric or vehicles with the ability to do high miles per gallon. We have key targets to reduce fuel consumption using data from our Fleetmatic vehicle trackers.

We raise staff awareness and encourage effective journey planning and justification, effective vehicle maintenance, tyre pressure checking and ‘defensive’ driving behaviour.

Fleetmatics provides a wealth of data that enables drivers to change their driving habits, e.g. sharp breaking, excessive speeding that helps conserve fuel and improve safety.

Cutting Carbon

We reduce our CO2 emissions by procuring low emission vehicles, .e.g. Hybrids, petrol. Our Fleet Manager is constantly evaluating the market for new models and tying them in to our Fleet Policy.

We use zero emission handheld tools to deliver maintenance works at numerous sites around the country, including the National Maritime Museum.

Scott Downton, our Head Gardener at the museum, welcomed the introduction of the Pellenc tools a number of years ago: “It is more important than ever for us to work in ways that are increasingly beneficial to the environment. The reduction in noise pollution, in addition to the fact that no greenhouse gases are produced, is a bonus. The tools have proved much easier and safer to use, as they eradicate the severe vibration that comes with using petrol powered tools.”

Low emmisions vehicles   Battery powered tools

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Our Approach
I feel good work sure deserves a mention and the guys that came to Leeds Colton yesterday did a fantastic job, I have never seen it look so tidy. They came to sign in and introduced themselves and were very polite.

We don’t just offer superior service to our customers – we prove it! How much time and money is exhausted managing and monitoring your maintenance contractor?

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The Queen's Awards For Enterprise: Innovation 2016
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Gold Supplier Award 2010 (silver since 2001)
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