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"Award winning commercial landscapers since 1973"

Tree Surgery & Surveying

We survey trees for their condition and amenity value, carrying out risk assessments with all data recorded on our WOODPLAN/GPS/CAD software. Our user friendly data stores enable you to search, sort and plan, saving you valuable time. WOODPLAN allows you to make light work of your tree records; tree knowledge has never been so captivating.

What may appear to be healthy timber could in fact be hollow and structurally weak. We are able to check for fungal diseases and trunk integrity by using PICUS tomography, producing accurate reports and recommendations.

Leafless canopies and partial branch die back are clear visible signs of fungal diseases or pest attacks, but what about the trunk? With 10 small electrodes, expensive software and a small hammer, we literally sound out any trunk decay. PICUS Sonic Tomography’s colour coded cross sectioned reports can clearly demonstrate the structural integrity of any tree.

Be confident that the informed decisions that you make are the right ones. A small price paid could save a magnificent mature tree with historical significance.

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We don’t just offer superior service to our customers – we prove it! How much time and money is exhausted managing and monitoring your maintenance contractor?

TotalView provides property and maintenance managers with unprecedented operational visibility.

Award Winning
The Queen's Awards For Enterprise: Innovation 2016
Multi BALI Award Winners for Maintenance and Landscape Construction
Gold Supplier Award 2010 (silver since 2001)
Gold Medal Award Winners for 6 consecutive golds